What to do when you feel too shy


A kid’s guide to overcoming social anxiety

Authors:  Claire A.B. Freeland, PhD  and  Jacqueline B. Toner, PhD

Illustrator:  Janet McDonnell

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Circus clowns perform tricks and make us laugh.  They wear bright colours, big shoes and all kinds of wigs and colourful hats.

Have you noticed that they seem to like people looking at them and laughing at them?

Lots of kids feel shy when they feel that other people notice them.  But some kids get super uncomfortable being in the spotlight.  Does this sound like you?

If you feel too shy or nervous too often or you miss out on cool activities and fun because you worry about what other people might think about you, this book is for you!

‘What to do when you feel too shy’ guides children and their parents through the emotions underlying social anxiety using strategies and techniques based on cognitive-behavioral principles.


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