Ben’s Flying Flowers


“I’m never drawing happy pictures again.” Day after day Emily draws pictures of dark clouds with rain, and houses with tiny windows and doors.  She misses Ben so much.

Author:  Inger Maier, PhD

Illustrator:  Maria Bogade

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When Emily loses her brother after a long illness, she feels alone, angry and very, very sad.

With the understanding and support of her parents, Emily learns that it helps when she snuggles with her parents.  It helps when she talks about her feelings and asks questions about Ben.  And it helps when she does regular kid stuff too.  But mostly, she learns that remembering Ben and their happy life together builds healthy and helpful images that soothe her sad feelings and provide much comfort to her and her family.

“Flying flowers, flying flowers, white, yellow or blue.  When I see one, I’ll remember the special times I had with you.”

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