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The ASQ-TRAK is a developmental screening tool for observing and monitoring the developmental progress of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged 2 months to 5½ years.

To develop the original ASQ-TRAK, seven of the Ages and Stages Questionnaires®, 3rd edition – the ASQ®-3™ – were adapted in partnership with community and in close collaboration with the ASQ®-3 authors. This culturally adapted version for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children has been expanded and this second edition now includes all 21 ASQ®-3 ages. For more information on the changes made to the ASQ-TRAK2 please see:

The Royal Children’s Hospital is working with the ASQ-TRAK team based at The University of Melbourne, our campus partner, to support the distribution of the ASQ-TRAK kits and their supporting materials to communities.

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For more information about the ASQ-TRAK Tool Kit and about Training go to:

What’s Inside?

  • 20 Flip Charts
  • 21 Questionnaires
  • 1 User Guide
  • 1 USB and USB Case
  • Page Dividers
  • 1 Puzzle
  • 7 Caregiver Information Sheets
  • 1 ASQ-TRAK Box


ASQ-TRAK Information and Conditions of Use

The ASQ-TRAK is an authorised adaptation of the Ages & Stages Questionnaires®, Third Edition (ASQ®-3): A Parent-Completed Child Monitoring System, by Jane Squires, Ph.D., and Diane Bricker, Ph.D. Originally published in the United States of America by Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Inc. Copyright © 2009−2021 by Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Inc. Ages & Stages Questionnaires® and ASQ® are registered trademarks and the ASQ logos are trademarks of Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Inc. ASQ-TRAK has been adapted by permission from Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Inc. (“Brookes Publishing Co.”). It has been created by ASQ-TRAK lead developer A/Prof Anita D’Aprano, University of Melbourne, and is available from the Royal Children’s Hospital Shop ( for use in Australia.

It is strongly recommended that anyone using the ASQ-TRAK undertake accredited ASQ-TRAK training. This will ensure the ASQ-TRAK is used in the way it has been designed to be used and will maintain the cultural safety and quality of the tool.  This is on advice from our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues and advisors.

To find out more about ASQ-TRAK training please visit:

The ASQ-TRAK Kit contains the “Software” which refers to the files contained in the ASQ-TRAK CD-ROM, USB drive or in the downloadable files.  It also contains hardcopies of questionnaires, flipcharts, and supplemental materials.  “Purchaser” is the entity, person or business that authorises the purchase of the ASQ-TRAK Kit. “End Users” are the persons who have been granted access to the Software by the Purchaser.

Purchasers and End Users may:  

  • print the ASQ-TRAK questionnaires, parent information sheets, information summary sheets contained in the Software from a computer located within the Purchaser’s facilities at a single physical site;
  • post the Software on a local area network (“LAN”) or intranet of the Purchaser;
  • print from the LAN or intranet provided that all End Users with access to the Software work or are based at the same office or physical site as the Purchaser and only access the Software from a single physical site of the Purchaser;
  • photocopy the ASQ-TRAK questionnaire and supplemental materials, solely in the course of service provision to families.

Purchasers and End Users may not:  

  • use the ASQ-TRAK Kit and Software other than as specified as above;
  • use the ASQ-TRAK Kit and Software in a way contrary to the family-oriented philosophies of the ASQ-TRAK developers;
  • electronically reproduce the Software or any portion of it;
  • reproduce and distribute the questionnaires and supplemental materials (including through electronic means) except as explicitly authorised above;
  • print copies of files contained in the Software unless from an original ASQ-TRAK CD-ROM, USB drive, or downloadable file made available to you by the University of Melbourne or an authorised ASQ-TRAK supplier or distributor;
  • post the Software on the Internet under any circumstances;  
  • provide remote access to the Software, including by virtual private network (VPN), file transfer protocol (FTP), tunnelling protocols, or other means;
  • alter, change, remove or obscure copyright protection line at the bottom of each questionnaire and form;
  • modify, alter or adapt the Software or prepare derivative works based on the Software or prepare an alternative version or format based on the Software;
  • sell, rent, lease, distribute, or sublicense the Software, or distribute the Software or its content to generate revenue;
  • share CD-ROMs, USB-drives or downloadable files made directly available to you by the University of Melbourne or authorised ASQ-TRAK supplier or distributor among the physical sites of the Purchaser;
  • charge parents, caregivers or other service providers who will be completing and/or scoring the questionnaires fees in excess of the exact cost to print (from a computer) or photocopy the forms. (This restriction is not meant to apply to reimbursement of usual and customary charges for developmental, behavioural or mental health screening when performed with other evaluation and management services.);
  • make photocopies other than from set of original hardcopy ASQ-TRAK questionnaires and supplemental materials; and
  • make copies or reproduce the ASQ-TRAK flipcharts.

The Software and materials in the ASQ-TRAK Kit are protected by copyright.




Additional information


The original ASQ-TRAK is available in additional languages, including modified English, Western Arrarnta, Yolngu Matha (Dhuwaya), Yolngu Matha (Djambarrapuyngu). For more information about these languages please email:

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